The Propeller Platform

Where we’ve been…

We developed the Propeller API to power our own applications. As the API matured we learned about what works, what doesn’t and how we could make it better. We saw that it could do more than simply capture and report on patients medication use and added analysis and analytics to the system. The result was a system capable of producing a rich model of patient information from the press of a single (sensor) button.


As we worked with the system we imagined an ever-expanding array of applications. At the same time we realized that we would never be able to explore all these applications ourselves, so we engaged with select partners outside of Propeller.

Initially, we worked with other companies on a case-by-case basis to integrate our platform with their products. As a result we were able to make integrating with Propeller easier as well as support features that made the platform more valuable to applications beyond the ones we had developed ourselves.

When we saw the potential in action of putting the platform in the hands of other developers we decided we needed to find a way to let more people put it to work.

Where we are…

This is where you come in.

The Propeller Platform consists of an array of interlocking pieces, from sensors to admnistrative tools, all built on top of the Propeller Platform. By opening up the platform to people like you we hope to see the system we have been using ourselves put to use in new, exciting and innovative ways.

By providing a modular set of components you can mix-and-match pieces of the Propeller Platform with parts of your own. This flexibility allows you to use Propeller where it’s most valuable without giving up the control and power of your own applications.


Where we’re going next…

As our internal applications evolve, we continually expand the features avaliable to the platform. Additionally we solicit feedback from platform developers to collaborate on improving the it for everyone as well as to shape where the platform will go in the future.

We’re also working hard to make it easier than ever for developers to get started and build quality applications using the Propeller platform (this website is a key part of these efforts). Over time we will provide more documentation, examples, tutorials and other resources to make it easy to put our platform to use.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

the fine print

The Propeller System is a Class II medical device cleared by the FDA and CE Marked in Europe. The Propeller System includes the physical device (“sensors”), mobile and web applications, and associated back-end software (platform and API). Use or interpretation of the Propeller system or its corresponding data (including sensor data, software application data, or any other associated data) is subject to any applicable regulatory statues or legal requirements. Propeller Health retains no responsibility or liability for use or interpretation of the data outside of the intended use of the Propeller System. Please contact Propeller Health if you have any questions on this matter.

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